Movies from iTunes

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Bryan Ridgway posted this 09 September 2017

How do I play movies purchased through iTunes and stored on my Apollo Cloud on iOS devices?  When I try opening them on the Apollo App I'm told the app is not authorized to play this file type (m4v)?  Thanks!

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Hariprasad Velmurugan posted this 09 September 2017

Hi Bryan,

Could you please confirm are you able to play the same video file in the Mac local drive? Make sure you have updated the latest utility and fimware in the unit.





Bryan Ridgway posted this 10 September 2017

Yes, the movies can be played locally, but only through iTunes. And yes, I've updated to the latest firmware version. I'm guessing it has to do with the DRM feature on the files downloaded from iTunes?

Alice Chen posted this 2 weeks ago

Generally speaking, you can play purchased iTunes movies on Apple devices without limitation. If you want to play these videos on non-Apple devices, you may have ot remove DRM protection. Since all iTunes videos are encrypted with fairplay DRM protection, making it impossible to be played on Apple unauthorized devices, including your Apollo Cloud maybe. You can try to use a M4V media converter to remove DRM protection at first. Then try to play iTunes movies with MP4 format on the devices that you want. Hope this tip is useful to you. Good luck.