Promise SuperTrack EX8650 array wrong size capacity

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Vadim Levishchev posted this 10 March 2017


I have SuperTrack EX8650 + 2*1 Tb SAS SEAGATE ST1000NM0023 + 2*2 Tb SAS Hitachi HUS723020ALS.

If i create disk array with 4 disks, i have array total capacity is 3.63 Tb, but disk total capacity is 5.48!

I need to create raid10 (raid1 with 2*1Tb + raid1 with 2*2 Tb).....

I can create 2 raid1 of this disks and it's work as 2 logical drive, but i want 1 logical disk.

Where is my wrong step?

p.s. Sorry for my poor English....

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Vadim Levishchev posted this 16 March 2017

Hi! And what is the cpu fan connector pinout? Up-to-down:

- +12

- ground

- tacho

I'm right?

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Vadim Levishchev posted this 11 March 2017

Thak's Richard!

So, all disk in "disk array" need to be a same size. Or EX8650 use smallest disk capacity in "drive in array" to build logical drive. OK!

Richard Oettinger posted this 10 March 2017

Hi Vadim,

A Logical Drive will only use the capacity of the smallest drive used, so your 2TB drives will only be 1TB. That gives you 4*1TB.

~ Richard