Promise SuperTrack EX8650 array wrong size capacity

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Vadim Levishchev posted this 10 March 2017


I have SuperTrack EX8650 + 2*1 Tb SAS SEAGATE ST1000NM0023 + 2*2 Tb SAS Hitachi HUS723020ALS.

If i create disk array with 4 disks, i have array total capacity is 3.63 Tb, but disk total capacity is 5.48!

I need to create raid10 (raid1 with 2*1Tb + raid1 with 2*2 Tb).....

I can create 2 raid1 of this disks and it's work as 2 logical drive, but i want 1 logical disk.

Where is my wrong step?

p.s. Sorry for my poor English....

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Richard Oettinger posted this 10 March 2017

Hi Vadim,

A Logical Drive will only use the capacity of the smallest drive used, so your 2TB drives will only be 1TB. That gives you 4*1TB.

~ Richard

Vadim Levishchev posted this 11 March 2017

Thak's Richard!

So, all disk in "disk array" need to be a same size. Or EX8650 use smallest disk capacity in "drive in array" to build logical drive. OK!

Vadim Levishchev posted this 16 March 2017

Hi! And what is the cpu fan connector pinout? Up-to-down:

- +12

- ground

- tacho

I'm right?

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