Pegasus R3-4 on 2013 mac with Thunderbolt 2-3 adapter Voltage Temperature Issue

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F S posted this 26 January 2017

I am running a brand new Pegasus R3-4 on a rather old (late 2013 ) imac with the apple thunderbolt 2-3 adapter  with a Pegus 2 M4 daisy chained after the R3-4 (also with an apple adpter thunderbolt 2-3)

No specific issue in operating except that I get 

Temperature 1 critical

Temperature 2 : normal

Voltage 1 : ok

Voltage 2 : ok

Voltage 3 : critical

immediately upon powering up while the status description for the enclosure remains on " loading " and never loads.

The Pegasus 2 M4 daisy chained after the R3-4 is all ok with no diagnostic issues.

Any help appreciated, although the issue does not seem to affect usage ( but you never know...) and there is no warm area detectable by touch on the R3-4 which sits by itself in a well ventilated and air conditionned room. ( and it is winter in Hong Kong )


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Dinesh Kannusamy posted this 26 January 2017



Please contact promise Tech support for further assitance or you can also create a web support case in


F S posted this 27 January 2017

Thank you for your prompt feedback. 

I have contacted support. Please feel free to delete post .