new hard drives not recognized

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Andrew Novasitis posted this 27 July 2016


I would appreciate any help and/or suggestions on how to proceed here.  Our company's 16-bay VessRAID 1840i device has two arrays configured, using 11 drives with 1 spare drive.  This leaves 4 empty slots in the enclosure.  We want to create a new array using 2 of the empty slots.  When I insert two new 2TB drives into empty slots, the WebPAM PROe interface states that there are no drives on the slots.  The new drives are not being recognized as physical drives.  The drives are the same model numbers as existing already in the enclosure.  The power/activity light on the drive trays displays green, and the disk status light is out.  How can these new drives be configured and made available for use?


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Joe Engledow posted this 27 July 2016

I see that they are the same drives and have deleted my earlier question.

It would be a good idea to verify that you have updated firmware (without the new drives in the slots) and shutdown and restart (without the new drives in the slots). Then once it has restarted, reinsert the drives.

Let us know how that goes.


Andrew Novasitis posted this 27 July 2016

Thanks for responding.  The drives are Seagate 2TB hard drives, model ST2000DM001.  These models match the other drives already in the enclosure.  And according to the System Service Report, our device has Rev: A2 and the enclosure firmware 3.06.0000.00.

Joe Engledow posted this 27 July 2016

The latest firmware is 3.06.0000.10. The Legacy Download Center is where these files are kept. Here is a direct download link to the firmware image.

Please download and install the new firmware (with new drives out of the Vess) and then restart (still with new drives out of the Vess).

The maintenance chapter of your VessRAID Product Manual explains how to update firmware through WebPAM.

Andrew Novasitis posted this 28 July 2016

Thank you Joe for the suggestions.  We will have to schedule a maintenance window to do the firmware update and restart as there are many virtual machines stored and running on the enclosure.  But when we do this, I will defintely post our results, hopefully it will be good.  :)

Andrew Novasitis posted this 12 August 2016

We finally scheduled the maintenance window last night for our array.  We did the firmware update, which went just fine.  We then powered it down, brought it back up successfully, and then inserted the new hard drives one at a time.  Each one was recognized as they should be.  A new array was configured with the two 2TB drives, and it was created successfully.  It started the synchronizing step.  Then a third 2TB drive was inserted and we configured it as a dedicated spare, for both the existing array and this new one.  We left the new array synchronizing over night and I checked it this morning.  Everything was OK.  So, we now have our new array that we wanted.  Thank you very much Joe for your help.  It is appreciated.

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