Fasttrak S150 SX4 rebuild Array

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toni schön posted this 12 September 2017


I´m planning to help a friend with his PC where one HDD died. On every boot FastTrak S150 SX4 complains about the failed RAID 1 array. Unfortunately there is not much time for me to change the disc thus I want be prepared what I have to expect.

The disc which failed is on Channel one. I will change it with the same product (Western Digital WD5003ABYX RE4 500GB). My questions are:

  • After Power OFF > change disc > Power ON
    • will the raid system automatically start to rebuild the new disc or
    • do I have to enter the GUI (ctrl+F) to rebuild the array or
    • do I have to use the windows PAM GUI to force a rebuild?
  • do I have to format the new HDD, 
    • or will fasttrak format it or
    • is it correctly formated from the factory.






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Raghuraman Kannan posted this 12 September 2017

Hi Tony,

If it is an RAID 1 Array , changing the drive should be enough to rebuild the array.

Please download the manual from the below link for more details on the rebuilding.

Thanks !


toni schön posted this 13 September 2017

great to hear! Thanks! 



toni schön posted this 03 October 2017

Hi Raghuraman Kannan,

may I ask for help once again. I changed the HDD. Unfortunately I could not get the exact same model. Instead of the Western Digital WD5003ABYX RE4 500GB I´ve used a Seageate 1 TB. Unfortunately the automatic rebuild does not start as the manual describes. My quess are:

  • The raid Controller has problems with the newer device (SATA II <> SATA III)
  • Seagate says it´s low level formated, maybe that´s not suitable for the raid controller and it need to be formated first?

Does something of this sound possible for you, or can you imagine something that I can do to start the rebuild?
(The HDD is detected in Fasttraks boot menu, but capacity says 0)



Richard Oettinger posted this 03 October 2017

Hi Toni,

It may be helpful if you provide the Seagate drive model...

~ Richard

toni schön posted this 04 October 2017

Hi Richard,

of course! Sorry that I forgot. It´s

Seagate ST1000DM010



Richard Oettinger posted this 04 October 2017

The WD5003ABYX is a SATA 3Gb drive, with 512 bytes per sector.

The ST1000DM010 is a SATA 6Gb drive, with 4096 bytes per sector.

I don't think the FastTrak HBAs support 4096 bps. You need to get a drive that is 512...

toni schön posted this 04 October 2017

Thanks Richard,

I´ve ordered a WD5003ABYX and will try my luck with the same model as it was before.

toni schön posted this 25 November 2017

Dear Richard,

may I ask for help again. I´ve replaced the failed disk with a new WD5003ABYX on Channel 1. Means two identical disks, as it was before. Unfortunately rebuilding did not start automaticully. Thus I´ve tried to rebuild the array by use of PAM. In tree view the array is critical. If I click on rebuild it says rebuilding for a while, but nothing happens. The loading indicator stays on 0%. Do you have any clue what could prevent the rebuilding? Both disks have SMART Status ok.