Eject error with Pegasus2 and iMac Pro

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Fergus Hammond posted this 1 weeks ago


I recently got an iMac Pro. I've had a Pegasus2 for a while, connected to my old computer (a Mac Pro) and it's worked perfectly. However, with the new iMac Pro, it's not working as well. 

The issue is that every time I wake the Mac from sleep, I see a bunch of errors on screen regarding the ejection of the array. Here's what it looks like:

https://imgur.com/a/ix7Iy (I've also attached the same file)

What is causing this and how can I solve the problem? 



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H Kees posted this 1 weeks ago

I’m still looking for an external drive that works with iMac Pro. The latter is not on the official Promise list of devices that work well with Pegasus drives. 

Fergus Hammond posted this 1 weeks ago

It's annoying that Promise hasn't updated their compatiblity list but I don't think that's a sign that the array isn't compatible with the iMac Pro. Apple sells the Pegasus3 (and 2) on their Web site and I don't think they'd do that if they weren't iMac Pro compatible. 

The LaCie 6big and 12big seems closest to the Promise products. I've also been looking at NAS devices, which would attach via the 10 Gbps Ethernet port on the iMac Pro but they seem like more trouble (e.g., I would have to buy a 10 Gbps switch and they are expensive). 

H Kees posted this 1 weeks ago

Apple does sell Pegasus on their website, however, when you filter by Mac Compatibility > iMacPro all storage devices disappear. This cleary indicates that Apple does not recommend these drives for use with iMacPro.

Is Promise still working on this? I’ve asked here on the forum if Pegasus + iMacPro are a happy marriage, and the reply was evasive - yes Pegasus can be used for video editing. Duh.

Fergus Hammond posted this 1 weeks ago

"This cleary indicates that Apple does not recommend these drives for use with iMacPro."

I don't think so. I think this might be an Apple problem. If you do a search for any product on Apple's Web site - including Apple's own products - the Mac Compability pop-down menu only lists Mac Books - no iMacs, Mac Pros or Mac minis. I think Apple's site is broken. 

H Kees posted this 1 weeks ago

Please check the store under Mac - Storage. When selecting under Mac Compatibility - iMacPro, no storage devises are listed, except for Promise Sanlink3, Airport Time capsule 2, and two more items. It’s significant, I don’t think it’s an error. It leaves me wondering do I purchase a Peagasus3 or not, or even - do I buy an iMacPro or not? 

Richard Oettinger posted this 6 days ago

Hi "H",

it is not "significant" at all - Apple has worked with Promise on Thunderbolt products since day one, and the Pegasus3 line is supported by macOS and the iMacPro.

The Promise compatibility list wil be updated soon, the Apple site takes a little longer...


Fergus Hammond posted this 6 days ago

I agree with Richard. The idea that Apple's made a computer that can only connect to four storage items is silly. Also, it's not just the iMac Pro that's missing: it's all iMacs, the Mac mini and the Mac Pro. Those computers have been on the market for years. This is a web site problem, not a technology problem. 

H Kees posted this 6 days ago

Apple pays painstaking attention to its website and mistakes are rare. By the way, you CAN check compatibility of accessories with iMacs and MacPro - they are listed (Compatibility > more). There's around 35 storage devices that are shown when you select iMac or MacPro. When selecting iMac Pro no Promise or G-Technology devices are shown. 

Furthermore... the iMac Pro is not on the Promise's official Mac compatibity list, and when asked about it, they give an evasive answer. I suspect Promise are still working on getting rid of technical glitches before it can be called full compatible with iMacPro (a brand new computer!). 

Enough reason for me to postpone and possibly cancel my buying decision for an iMac Pro.    

Fergus Hammond posted this 5 days ago

"By the way, you CAN check compatibility of accessories with iMacs and MacPro - they are listed (Compatibility > more)."

Where do you see the "More" option? Here's when I see when, for example, I do a search for LaCie:



H Kees posted this 3 days ago