Why do I get an "out of space" warning when moving data from smaller drive to Apollo?

  • Last Post 10 December 2016
Ralph Oser posted this 10 December 2016

My Apollo is new and almost empty. But when I try to copy, or move, or drag and drop folders from smaller external hard drive to Apollo I get an out of space warning and the process stops.  


If this warning isn't referring to the available space on my Apollo (remember it's almost new) what does this warning refer to? That is since my Apollo is almost empty, perhaps either the external hard drive or Mac have to temporarily store the data being copied and there isn't enough space to continue in one of these two. Otherwise what else could it be?

And how to I fix it?

Philip Wong posted this 10 December 2016

Hi Ralph,

Send your Apollo Service Report to Promise to get help.

See below link in YouTube how easy you can send the Service Report: