VTrak M500f status is offline after replacing a disk

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Carlton Teel posted this 15 August 2016

After replacing a failed disk in a VTrak M500f unit, the system has marked the Logical Drive as Offline.  Looking at the Physical Disk information and the Disk Array information, the system seems to be confused.  Is there a way to recover from this mode?  Below is the Physical Disk, Disk Array, and Logical Drive summaries.  Thanks.

CLU | Physical Drives Summary
PdId Model              CfgCapacity Location     OpStatus       ConfigStatus

1    ST3750640AS        698.49GB    Encl1 Slot1  OK             Array0 SeqNo0
2    ST3750640AS        698.49GB    Encl1 Slot2  OK             Unconfigured
3    ST3750640AS        698.49GB    Encl1 Slot3  OK             Array0 SeqNo2
4    ST3750640AS        698.49GB    Encl1 Slot4  OK             Array0 SeqNo3
5    ST3750640AS        698.49GB    Encl1 Slot5  OK             Array0 SeqNo4
6    ST3750640AS        698.49GB    Encl1 Slot6  OK             Array0 SeqNo5
7    ST3750640AS        698.49GB    Encl1 Slot7  OK             Array0 SeqNo6
8    ST3750640AS        698.49GB    Encl1 Slot8  OK             Array0 SeqNo7
9    ST3750640AS        698.49GB    Encl1 Slot9  OK             Array0 SeqNo8
10   ST3750640AS        698.49GB    Encl1 Slot10 OK             Array0 SeqNo9
11   ST3750640AS        698.49GB    Encl1 Slot11 OK             Array0 SeqNo10
12   ST3750640AS        698.49GB    Encl1 Slot12 OK             Array0 SeqNo11
13   ST3750640AS        698.49GB    Encl1 Slot13 OK             Array0 SeqNo12
14   ST3750330NS        698.49GB    Encl1 Slot14 OK             Unconfigured
15   ST3750640AS        698.49GB    Encl1 Slot15 OK             Global Spare

CLU | Disk Array 0 Physical Drives
 SeqNo  PdId   CfgCapacity  FreeCapacity  OpStatus

 0      1      698.49GB     243KB         OK
 1      14     698.49GB     243KB         OK
 2      3      698.49GB     243KB         OK
 3      4      698.49GB     243KB         OK
 4      5      698.49GB     243KB         OK
 5      6      698.49GB     243KB         OK
 6      7      698.49GB     243KB         OK
 7      8      698.49GB     243KB         OK
 8      9      698.49GB     243KB         OK
 9      10     698.49GB     243KB         OK
 10     11     698.49GB     243KB         OK
 11     12     698.49GB     243KB         OK
 12     13     698.49GB     243KB         OK
 13     14     698.49GB     243KB         OK

CLU | Logical Drives Summary
LdId Alias       OpStatus    Capacity  Stripe RAID    CachePolicy     SYNCed

0    LD0         Offline     8.87TB    64KB   RAID5   RAhead/WBack    Yes


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Joe Engledow posted this 15 August 2016

First, make sure that your new drive is listed in the Hardware Compatibility List for the Vtrak M500f. Using drives not on that list makes it an unsupported configuration and the Vtrak may not be able to use it.

Second, the Vtrak M500f's firmware may need to be upgraded.

If the Vtrak has the latest firmware, then shutdown, and while it is off remove all drives.

Turn it on and allow it to boot up with no drives in the slots. Log in to WebPAM.

Insert 1 drive every 2 minutes into the running Vtrak, ending with the new hard drive.

Please call us at 408-228-1500 for assistance with any of these tasks. We may need to open a web support case which will incur a fee for support, unless the Vtrak M500f already has a support contract.

Carlton Teel posted this 15 August 2016

Hi Joe,

I'll execute the steps and see what happens.

Thanks, Carlton

Carlton Teel posted this 15 August 2016


Performed steps as you outlined.  RAID is still not online.  What I see that doesn't make sense in the Disk Array data in the initial posting is that the PD2 and PD14 entries.  Any further thoughts on clearing this up?  Thanks

Joe Engledow posted this 15 August 2016

Did you change the drives with the Vtrak off? The Vtrak is a hotswap chassis meaning that it is designed to have the drives taken out and replaced while it is on and online.

Please call our support department to open a case. Charges for support may apply.

Carlton Teel posted this 16 August 2016

The disks were replaced with the unit online.

Joe Engledow posted this 16 August 2016

We're waiting on your call; or, please open the case at http://support.promise.com after making an account and registering the Vtrak by its serial number. Once that is done go to "Web Support" then "Open New Web Support Case".