VR2600tiD minimum power supplies

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Dan Delaney posted this 12 October 2016

I have a 2600tiD with default 3x power supplies.

When testing / simulating power failures, I noticed the system would hiccup and "lock up" if 2 of the 3 power supplies were offline.

By hiccup, I mean the unit would respond look to respond normally, then start its beeping due to fault.  But then a short time later (few seconds?) I would hear all the fans ramp up, like it rebooted.  After this, the unit continually beeps, but never comes back after all power is restored (about 10 minutes of waiting(.  I have to completely shut it down, then power back up to restore.

So I guess my question is two parts.

1. What is the minimum power suppliues to run (looks to be two before the unit acts wonky).

2. How can I remotely restore the unit if 2 of 3 supplies go offline?

I could not find any specific details for either of these via the manual so any gudance would be appreciated.

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R P posted this 12 October 2016

Hi Dan,

The Vess will work with 2 power supplies. But when a power supply goes offline, this creates an error condition. Since a power supply fan is offline the other fans ramp up to maintain cooling. The buzzer also goes off. You can turn the buzzer off from WebPAM. The Vess will still be working, I've tested this in the past.

If 2 power supplies go offline then the remaining power supply can't provide enough current, the Vess will be offline, although I'm not sure what will happen. But it will go offline and there is no way to remotely do anything at that point. You will have to physically replace the 2 failed power supplies to bring the Vess back online, so you will have to be where the Vess is.

Note, there are slots for 4 power supplies, a 4th can be added allowing for 2 power supplies to fail if this is a concern.



Administratorzy GWF posted this 16 February 2018

This is documented in Manual.

Device can work minimal at 2 PSU or more, Conrtolers 1 and 2 works as one MAC Address and one IP Address.

Device works on 1 PSU will be rebooted to maintanance mode and both controllers will works on his own MAC and IP Address.

You can setup IP static or dhcp via CLI/CLU with menu command and check proper MAC before it needed for both upper scenario. Be awar, read manual, test device befor production it, ask vendor.