Vess R2600fi RAID10 migration ultra slow

  • Last Post 14 May 2018
Mariusz Kowalik posted this 14 May 2018


I have an issue with my Vess R2600fi (dual controller) unit. I have started RAID10 array migration from 8x8TB to 14x8TB.

First, the migration is very slow, regardles of the migration priority (6% after 4 days at 20MB/s rate). I can blame ~400 I/O per second from VMs running on top of it, but I was expecting faster migration where there is no VM activity over night...

The bigger issue is that one of the source HDDs failed in between. I cannot rebuild the array because the migration is in progress, I cannot cancel the migration just because there is no such option.

Question: is there any hidden CLI command to stop the migration, rebuild and move VMs away?

Any other suggestions?





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R P posted this 14 May 2018

Hi Mario,

Migration is slow because the migration watermark is written to DDF, I understand that if you move the watermark to NVRAM that migrations should run faster, but I have not tested this. The problem is, this setting needs to be changed before a migration is started. The CLI command is..

ctrl -a mod -s "migrationstorage=nvram"

I would not suggest trying to change this with a running migration.

A migration, one started cannot be stopped or paused. There is no hidden CLI command to cancel a migration. Also, during a migration, you can't delete the migrating array or LUNs.

You should be OK doing a rebuild on the failed drive after the migration finishes.


Mariusz Kowalik posted this 14 May 2018

Hi Richard,

Thank you, it looks like I have to wait for migration to finish.

Kind Regards,