VESS R2600 problems and questions

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Clint Cone posted this 06 September 2017

First the issues I am having:

I have two Vess R2600xid enclosures (dual 10Gb/s controllers in each unit), each paired with an J2600 disk enclosure that seemed to be working properly though our initial testing prior to putting them into real use.  Since we started using them, we have seen a problem where iSCSI connections are being reset out from under the server connected to each unit. Each unit is dual controller. On initial start, both controllers come up and seem to be working.  After a period of use, controller 2 disappears from the GUI. In the CLI, it acts like there is no controller 2.  When I generate a system report, it shows 2 controllers in the system, but no details available for the second one.  In the part of that system report I can see, there are no errors listed.

Both VESS systems are being used as backup repositories. We are using VEEAM on Windows Server 2012 R2 connected vi iSCSI over 10 Gb/s fiber. Jumbo frames is enabled and verified to be working from end to end.  The VEEAM backup job consistently completes incremental backups, writing the incremental backup file to the repository on the VESS. But at seemingly random times late in the process of generating the synthetic full backup, an error is thrown that VEEAM just reports as "ConnectionReset".  It seems to be related to larger files as jobs generating smaller files (less than 200 GB or so) usually complete.  I see similar issues using windows explorer to copy large files to the VEEAM, but they are a little more sporadic and hard to nail down.

Questions (other than the obvious "How do I fix it")

1 - Even after using the CLI or GUI to do a sybsystem restart, the 2nd controller does not show up. Only a hard power cycle does it come back. Is there something else I can do remotely to get that 2nd controller working again? One of the units is over an hour away.

2 - Is there a recommended firmware level?  I installed the latest available about 2 weeks ago. Is this possible firmware related?

3 - Is there any way for me to look at the service report that is generated? I would love to see more diagnostic info that might point me in a direction. We already have a ticket open with support, but I would like to have access to the same info.

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Devendra Kumar posted this 06 September 2017

Hi Clint,

It looks like this issue needs to be analyzed with the help of subsystem report of the unit to find out the exact issue. Please call technical support at 408-228-1500 or reach out through support case at


Clint Cone posted this 07 September 2017

We already have a support ticket opened and have provided the subsystem report.  I would like to be able to see what that report says.  But what about the other questions?  Is there a recommended firmware level or is the latest available always the recommendation?  And is there a way for me to remotely get the system to see its second controller again short of physically unplugging it from power?  Doing a sybsystem restart from the CLU or GUI is not accomplishing it.