vess 1840i how to recover NO web interface, CLI indicates swmgmt.xml file is empty

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Wray Hutton posted this 16 March 2017

HOw does one fix the issue when the cli reports swmgmt xml file empty

the UNIT is in production, but we cannot access the WEB interface

can this file be rebuilt by setting a restore option?

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Raghuraman Kannan posted this 16 March 2017

Hi Wray,

Can you try making the changes from the CLU ?

Download the product manual from the below link and check the page number 276 for managing the Software Management services.

If the problem persists, please open a case @

Thank you

Wray Hutton posted this 17 March 2017

When MAKING web server settings

step 1 okay

step 2 fails because swmgt  xml file doesn't exist, or is empty complains it can't find '<' char


when attempt to restore to factory defaults

webserver fails to restore




Richard Oettinger posted this 17 March 2017

I think the only option is to use the CLI command "ptifalsh" to re-load the firmware and see if it restores the file...

Wray Hutton posted this 17 March 2017

can try this next,  would you recommend i copy the data off first?

did you mean ptiflash ?


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R P posted this 17 March 2017

Hi Wray,

First, let me state that this *might* be a sign of controller failure.

Ignoring that, you should be able to fix this condition by reinstalling the firmware. This will recreate the swmgt.xml file. You can install the firmware from the CLI.

We have a Knowledge Base article on updating the firmware from the CLI.

Please download and use the latest firmware from the Promise web page.

If the firmware update fails, then the controller is probably bad.



Wray Hutton posted this 17 March 2017


will do thanks

i fear it is the controller as well, but best to copy of the data first i have 12 sans on line,

will have to wait until next week to copy off the data first

I cannot retrieve the Knowledge Base article  the link above is incorrect

and i get not found when i search for it




Richard Oettinger posted this 17 March 2017

Just search for "ptiflash" and you will find that article...

R P posted this 17 March 2017

Hi Wray,

That's really wierd, I just looked at the article and I verified the link, but now I can't find it in the KB.

At any rate, as Richard O says, you can do a search for 'ptiflash' or 'tftp' and find similar KB articles.

Backing up your data is a great idea.

A very shot desctiption of the ptiflash update procedure goes like this.

1. Download the latest firmware file

2. Download and run tftpd32, set the 'browse' folder to where you downloaded the firmware files.

3. Make sure that the Vess and your tftp server are on the same subnet, tftp does not work across subnets.

4. Login to the Vess CLI and run the ptiflash command. It will look sinething like this

   ptiflash -t -s <IP of your tftp server> -f VessRAID_all_306000010_32mb.img

   or, with a bogus IP it looks like this.

   ptiflash -t -s -f VessRAID_all_306000010_32mb.img

5. The firmware file will be downloaded and installed, a reboot will required.