Transferring disks / raid set from Pegasus to Pegasus2?

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Greg Fulcher posted this 23 January 2017

Hi there, 

I'm curious if it's possible to remove the physical disks from an operable Pegasus R6 enclosure set up as RAID5, and install them in a Pegasus2 R6 enclosure, without loss of functionality / data.

I have freely transferred raid sets from Pegasus to Pegasus enclosures, and everything has been fine, but hesitate to move them in to a Pegasus2 enclosure without knowing if it'll cause any issues. 

My scenario is this: I have a dead Pegasus enclosure, and have found a used Pegasus2 enclosure for sale locally to replace it.


Thanks in advance if you can help!

Greg, in San Francisco 

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Venkatachalam Settu posted this 23 January 2017

Hi Greg,

Yes. It can be possible use the drives into Pegasus2 R6. Please follow the below mentioned steps.

- Power off the Pegasus2 R6 unit.

- Insert all the drives into the respective slot (Do not mismatch the order).

- Power on the unit and check the volume access.

Please try and let us know the status. Thank you.

Greg Fulcher posted this 26 January 2017

Hey again,


Thanks for the information. I'm just writing back to say the transfer of the drives / raid set from Pegasus R6 to Pegasus2 R6 enclosure went perfectly. 




Jordan Lammon posted this 08 April 2017

Hi Venkatachalam thanks for your providing instruction it work for me. 

Venkatachalam Settu posted this 08 April 2017

Glad to hear it..!

Sam Edwards posted this 06 May 2019

I also have a Pegasus1 enclusre that is dying. It has falied the same drive (#5) twice in a week, and is now stuck at 21% of rebuilding. I was thinking of picking up an inexpensive Pegasus2 enclosure to see if the drive will rebuild correctly in the new enclosure. Any advice would be appreciated. 

Kyla Gent posted this 2 weeks ago

Is there anywhere online that sells used enclosures? I need a pegasus r6. My drives are fine but the thunderbolt ports seem to have suddenly stopped working. Thanks.