Table for Compatibility of 1TB drives for Pegasus 1 R6 confusing

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Pamela Summers posted this 28 May 2017

I experienced a physical drive failure on my R6 RAID 5 and went to replace it. Not wanting to get the wrong drive, I checked with the table you provided to see those that are compatible because this is the first drive failure I have had since I have been running a RAID 5 for over 6 years now. The list first shows Hitachi drives with #1 being a 1TB and having a 32 MB buffer. In fact, it is the ONLY drive on the entire list that has a 32MB buffer, but it is no longer in production. So I bought the only other 1TB drive on the list, which is #8, a Toshiba with all the same attributes as the original Hitachi 1TB, EXCEPT it has a 64MB buffer.

I started the rebuild tonight following instructions provided by Promise, but I realize it will likely run until morning. My question is this: Am I going to see a good rebuild completed tomorrow or a mess because of the different buffer sizes? And if it does not rebuild, are there ANY 1TB drives out there that will fit into my RAID 5 flawlessly? I should not have to buy a whole new set because one drive failed, right?

P.S. It has already been running 45 minutes and still shows 0% on the progress bar. I'm hoping that is because it first must "format" the new drive for its participation in the RAID 5?

Thx, ~Pam

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Venkatachalam Settu posted this 28 May 2017

Hi Pamela,

You can replace any drive which is listed in the compatibility list. Please note that Rebuilding may take several hours, depends on the HDD capacity and file size.In order to speed up the Rebuild process, you can click Background Activities and then set the Rebuild Rate to High.

Kindly monitor the rebuilding process and open a case at or call us at (408) 228-1500 in case of any issues.

Thank you.

Pamela Summers posted this 28 May 2017

All went well, it looks like the drive was ok to use and I can see all the data on the Pegasus now.


However, the only problem I see this morning in the Utility App is that now I see the "slot 4" drive says "PFA, OK." What does PFA mean and why does it say OK after it?


Thx, ~Pam