Sync Multiple Apollo Devices

  • Last Post 24 May 2017
Ben Levin posted this 14 November 2016


I'd like to purchase a couple of these, but I'd like to know if multiple Apollo devices can be sync'd with each other?

In my current setup, I use multiple Transporter Syncs (a now-discontinued product from Nexsan), with one at home, one at my office, and a third in another secure location. File changes on one device automatically synchronize to another. This has the effect of creating a wide-area SAN with multiple backup locations.

I'd like to use Apollo devices in a similar manner. Is it possible?

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Jerry Lin posted this 18 November 2016

Hello Ben,

Sorry,we don't have this function.

Thank you so much!

Philip Wong posted this 24 May 2017


Apollo Cloud already had a new feature called "Apollo Mirror".

You can use a 2nd Apollo (same capacity size as 1st one) to fully mirror the 1st Apollo contents by automatically synchronizing. The two mirrored Apollo are able to work at differnt network environment (without firewall, or firewall allowed), different location, as long as both Apollo are connecting to internet.

See a quick video link for how to use it.