Swap drives between 2 Pegasus2 R4's ?

  • Last Post 09 October 2017
Tony Swinney posted this 03 October 2017

Hi. One of my Pegasus 2 R4 units switches itself off a few seconds after trying to start up, with or without hard drives installed.  I'm waiting for Promise Support to look into it.

In the meantime, can I pull the four drives from the faulty unit, and put them into another Pegasus 2 R4 unit I have, in the same order and access the drive / data ?  I could then pull the data I need off the drives, then shut down and re-install the drives in their original units and await Tech Support.



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Richard Oettinger posted this 03 October 2017

Yes you can.

Be sure the units are shutdown and powered off before swapping the drives.

Tony Swinney posted this 09 October 2017

Thankyou Richard, all sorted now.