Susbsystem lock by another?

  • Last Post 20 October 2017
Roy Santoyo posted this 19 October 2017

Hi, I have a Pegasus R6 12TB.

I'm trying to mount it on my MAc Mini, but it say it isn't initialaized.

When I try to do anything with the Promise Application it says "Susbsystem lock by another"

How can I unlock it and format it again?




Pradeep Chidambaranath posted this 20 October 2017

Hi Roy,

Please go to to register the unit and create a new support ticket with the latest subsystem report for further investigation.

Follow the below step to save the subsystem report for further investigation.

- Open Promise Utility.
- Click subsystem information icon on the top of the window.
- Click the lock symbol on the left bottom corner of the screen to unlock the utility.
- Click on save service report button to save the subsystem report.


Pradeep C