SuperTrak EX8350 Online Expansion

  • Last Post 16 July 2017
Lawrence Mitchell posted this 16 July 2017

I have an EX8350 in Raid 6 with 6 1TB drives originally. Over the years I have replaced the 1TB with 2TB drives and now have all 6 as 2TB drives. This leaves the array with 4TB of space as all drives are used as 1TB with 1TB free per drive.   

How do I expand the array to now make use of all the drives 1TB free space?  Included is a screen view of the WebPAM logical drive view.

Hariprasad Velmurugan posted this 16 July 2017


Its seems that you  expand the storage space by rebuilding the drive by one by one. However its not recommended since 2TB drive will be consider least capacity drive  also Its not recommended to increase the storage space.

We always advice the customer's to backup the data, delete the existing RAID volume and expand the logical drive. create new RAID volume then restore the data.