SuperTrak 4650 Drive Offline

  • Last Post 11 January 2018
Robert Fulk posted this 10 January 2018


I have an SuperTrack controller with 4 SATA drives configured as a RAID5 drive array.  Late last week, I noticed that Drive2 was marked as Ok, FPA.  I ordered a new identical 500GB drive to replace the failing drive.

I recieved the drive this morning and began to replace the drive.  From within WEBPAM, I set the physical drive offline(Force Offline), and removed the drive.  Installed the new one, and could not return the Drive2 to online status..  In the process, of removing the drive from the SuperSwap enclosure, the drive in slot 3 went RED.  I reinstalled Drive2 hoping that I could recover the array, and unfortunately cannot get the Drive2 & Drive3 back to GREEN status. 

Is there a possibility that the controller over time will reconcile these drives, or is there a way to force these drives back online?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated..




Devendra Kumar posted this 11 January 2018

Hi Robert,

It looks like this issue needs to be analyzed with the help of subsystem report of the unit to find out the exact issue. Please call technical support at 408-228-1500 or reach out through support case at