Step-by-step instruction to fully uninstall all Pegasus related software from a Macintosh

  • Last Post 08 February 2018
Bert Trumble posted this 08 February 2018

Please provide a list of instructions of how and where to delete all Pegasus related files (Drivers, extensions, utilties, etc.) from a Macintosh.

I do not want to have any software from Promise/Pegasus on my machine using memory, CPU cycles, etc.


R P posted this 08 February 2018

Hi Bert,

First, only running software consumes memory/CPU/etc, non-running sofware puts no load on your machine. If you don't start the Promise Utility it will not consume any resources, if you don't attach a Pegasus, the driver will not be loaded. If that is your primary concern you need do nothing else.

That being said, to delete the Promise Utility just open finder, go to Applications, find the promise Utility and drag it into the trash. You'll probably need the admin password for this.

Deleting the driver is similar, the bundle name is probably PromiseSTEX.kext (kext is for Kernel Extenstion, aka the driver). In my High Sierra install I find the bundle in /Library/Extensions, in older macOS versions it might be in /System/Library/Extensions. Just open the filer, go to the appropriate folder, find the kext and drag it into the trash. You will probably need an admin password for this as well.