SMB authentication

  • Last Post 07 January 2018
kurt saegesser posted this 07 January 2018

I've a home network including Apollo cloud server and like to connect the Apollo via  TV.

on my TV settop box there is an app where I can see that my Apollo cloud server is connected - but i need to  authenticate  and don't arrive  with  my credentials (user /pwd)  I used to setup  Apollo Cloud on PC  and smart phone !   so :-- The text that appears on TV  is about :

  . . . "please  provide a username ( and ideally a domain name using the format DOMAIN;username) and a password

 there are 2 entry fields  named:: 

Anmelden |__________|    {this propably must be the username..  }

Passwort |__________|  

?? how can I checkup  what  my username is? ( on PC_GUI - service - I see a username and an email, but with that username i cannot access.. )


Venkatachalam Settu posted this 07 January 2018


You need to claim the apollo device from PC or smart Phone. You can setup the username and password when you claim the device.

Kindly refer the product manual for Apollo device claiming process:

Apollo Cloud -

Apollo Cloud 2 Duo -

Also refer the below link for stream media from your Apollo.