Sanlink2 10G Base-T

  • Last Post 04 April 2018
Lennert Dorman posted this 09 February 2017

Connected my SANLink2 10G Base-T to a new Mac Mini. Everytime I restart my Mac Mini server it loses the connection with my switch and I have to manually disconnect the power. After reconnecting the power supply it starts to negotiate and build up the connection again it works. Is this normal behavior?

Not quite sure where to start troubleshooting.

See attached image when connection is working on both channels.

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Dinesh Kannusamy posted this 10 February 2017

Hi Lennert,

Please make sure the Thunderbolt cable is connected Properly or Try to use the secondary Thunderbolt port on the SANLink 2 and see if it helps. If 

it is still the same then connect the SANLink to a different mac and check

Also, if possible try with a different Thunderbolt cable to narrow donw the issue. 

For any further assistance please contact Promise Tech support



James Adkins posted this 04 April 2018

Lennert; Did you get to the bottom of this?. I'm essentially having the same issue with all of my SanLink2 devices across a range of Apple hardware. The only way I can get things to rebuild is to delete the LACP Bond on OSX and Re-Add; simply rebooting doesn't appear to always work for me. 

I have been talking to Promise Tech support and so far no solution so if you managed to fix would be great to hear how. 

Lennert Dorman posted this 04 April 2018

Hi James,

It's always hard to test in a production environment so no. I just decided to use a Mac Pro with LACP in the Network settings in System Preferences. That just works.