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  • Last Post 18 December 2016
Stephan Wirth posted this 18 December 2016

Hi everybody,

I had an physical disk error. one disk was dead. I replaced the disk with a one with same specs. This went uneventfully. But now this disc is in drive through mode. I guess this means that the disk is not longer part of the array. I have an pegasus 2 R8 running on RAID 5. I tried to rebuilt the array, but it didnt work. I cant find an instuction how to proceed after replacing a disc after physical disk error. I Think there must be an easy way to do it, because this should be happen a lot of times. I do not have an backup of the data, but I CANT LOOSE these data in the sense to built a new array.

Anyy help appreciated.


Greetings from switzerland



Devendra Kumar posted this 18 December 2016

Hi Stephan,

Here are the steps to perform a manual rebuild:

1. Open Promise Utility and unlock the utility by clicking the lock symbol at the bottom left of the page.

Insert the new drive, and check the Physical Drive status. The new drive status should be unconfigured in order to enable the Rebuild process.

2. If it shows to passthru mode, then follow the below step :

1. Go to the Physical drive tab click on setting on the particular drive then click on unconfigured
2. In the Confirmation box, type the word “confirm” in the field provided and click the Confirm

3. Please select Background Activities on the top right of the utility and then click the Start button in the Rebuild row.

4. Please check the Target Physical Drive, make sure that it is the replacement drive, and then click Confirm.

5. Once you confirm, the Rebuild process starts immediately. Please do not write any data during the rebuild process, to prevent any data lost.

After the PD Progress shows 100%, then you can start writing data to Pegasus again. Please note that Rebuilding may take several hours, depends on the HDD capacity and file size.

In order to speed up the Rebuild process, you can click Background Activities, and then set the Rebuild Rate to High.

When the disk array is rebuilding:
• The disk array shows a green check icon and Rebuilding status.
• Logical drives under the disk array continue to show a yellow ! icon and Critical, Rebuilding status.
• If the buzzer is enabled, the Pegasus unit emits two quick beeps every five seconds. When the beeps stop, the rebuild is done