R6 with 2 5TB partitions, can they be combined?

  • Last Post 02 February 2018
Joe Procopio posted this 01 February 2018

My R6 was partitioned into 2 5TB drives, is there anyway to delete the 1 partiton and add the newly freed up 5TB INTO the other existing partition without deleting everything and reformatting?  

I don't can't lose everything on the other drive, and don't have time to copy/reformat/restore as this is used by the finance department of my job as theor shared storage.

Worse case, I'll just rename and share the 2nd 5TB out to my finance depatment, but 1 volume is easier to manage than 2.


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Joe Procopio posted this 02 February 2018

so after interrogating the pegasus drive on the system, it look slike it was actually one big drive, and then partitioned on the Mac level (OSX Server).  BUT the partition I want to erase is the primary partition on the system and not journaled...so it's going to take a little more work to ensure I don't lose anything.  

fun fun fun!

thanks for all the help!  it is good to know about the LD stuff though

R P posted this 02 February 2018

Hi Joe,

The migration will not affect any data stored in the LD being migrated.

If the LD you are not using is the first LD, then the migration will take longer as the second LD will have to be moved to the beginning of the array before the migration can take place.


Joe Procopio posted this 02 February 2018

I like that answer better, lol

so, I only have 2 LDs, if I delete the one I'm not using, I can then migrate them into the other LD and give back the 5TB the one I'm not using anymore is taking up?

I can do this tonight and let if go over the weekend, that is awesome.  This will have no impact on the current LD and the media on it correct?

R P posted this 02 February 2018

Hi Joe,

Minor correction here, it is possible to add disks to an array, change raid level, or increase the size of a logical drive in an array under certain circumstances (the disk space must be contiguous, if many logical drives were created and some deleted, the free space will be fragmented and you can't expand into it all). I don't know the order of the logical drives in your Pegasus, but if you  only had 2 LDs (Logical Drives) and you delete the last LD you should have all the remaining space available to migrate into. You can't make a LD smaller or remove disks from an array.

This functionality is accessed through the 'migrate' function. You can find this in the background tasks window, which is on top to the far right of the Promise Utility.

Be advised that migration can be slow and that it cannot be stopped or paused once started.

Also, since the Pegasus will go to sleep when the MAC goes to sleep, you probably want to disable that while the migration is in progress. I'd let the screen saver blank the screen, but the sleep needs to be turned off on the macOS until the migration is complete.

The migrating LD can be used while the migration is in progress, but it will impact performance. This may or may not be a problem depending on what tasks your Pegasus is being put to.

Joe Procopio posted this 02 February 2018

not what I wanted to hear, but what i thought I would find out lol...thanks!  too bad the drives aren't dynamic once you create the drive (Like AVID or EditShare storage, but that's a completely different type of storage)


thanks for the confirmation

Pradeep Chidambaranath posted this 02 February 2018

Hi Joe,

Once the logical dirve is created, we do not have any option to add more space to the existing logical drive without deleting and recreating the logical drive. If you need to add the unused 5TB to an exisiting partion then you have to take a backup of all your data and then you have to delete and recreate the disk array and logical drive to have a larger volume.

Pradeep C