R6 Degraded, missing drive

  • Last Post 01 February 2018
Joe Procopio posted this 31 January 2018

I have an older R6, 12TB Raid 5 so 10TB useable.

I only see 5 drives in my promise utility, and I have degraded status and I'm pretty sure the dead drive is the one NOT showing up in the utility, but how can I be 100% sure.  I guess I can ping the other 5 drives, but is there a way to confirm it in the utility?

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Pradeep Chidambaranath posted this 01 February 2018

Hi Joe,

Are you trying to use this unit for the first time? Do you have any data on the unit?

Could you please shutdown the unit, mark and remove all the drives from the unit and turn on the unit without the drives. Once the unit is turned on, please insert the drive which was not detected to a different slot to see if the drive is detected? If the drive is detected then please insert the drive back to its original slot (where the drive was not detected) to see if the drive is detected. If the drive is detected on both the slots then, please turn off the unit, insert all the drives back to its original slots and trun on the unit, the volume should be mounted.

If you still have any issues, please go to https://support.promise.com to register the product and create a support ticket with the complete subsystem report for further investigation.

Go to the below link to download the latest version of the utility.


Follow the below step to save the subsystem report for further investigation.

- Open Promise Utility.
- Click subsystem information icon on the top of the window.
- Click the lock symbol in the left bottom corner of the screen to unlock the utility.
- Click on save service report button to save the subsystem report.

Pradeep C

Joe Procopio posted this 01 February 2018

verified and replaced...thanks