R4 will not connect to PC Windows 10

  • Last Post 03 February 2018
Reuben Ng posted this 26 January 2018

Dear Sir,

I've so far followed the following. Majority of the steps using the latest driver and following the forum in terms of compatibility. I am currently using the following motherboard Asus Z87-expert and i can't seem to get connected to Promise R4.

I hope to be able to support promise and the sales of promise products but that is becoming a little difficult as i am unable to demo it on my machine other than my mac. I am the distributor in a country in Asia in a business that puts me in contact with post production houses who use these storages for Da vinci resolve and etc. 

I hope the promise support crew is able to help me get the unit to work with windows 10 and to make things better i am unable to access my support page due to my login being link to my facebook.










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Venkatachalam Settu posted this 26 January 2018

Hi Reuben,

Have you installed the thunderbolt drivers. Do you have anything listed in device manager ?

Did you check if any other thunderbolt device is working on the same thunderbolt port?

Richard Oettinger posted this 26 January 2018

Make sure that the Thunderbolt utility is installed - it will show you any connected devices...

Reuben Ng posted this 29 January 2018

Hi Richard & Venkatachalam,


I've installed the thunderbolt driver as well as the promise driver. What happens when i turn it on now is that the device is shown on the thunderbolt attached devices. But when i open the promise it doesn't show up.

Please find the attached pictures. Sorry for the late reply.


Reuben Ng posted this 01 February 2018

Any updates?

I can see the drives on thunderbolt but none under the disk management and the the promise utility.




Venkatachalam Settu posted this 01 February 2018

You can call technical support at 408-228-1500 or reach out through support case at https://support.promise.com/.


Richard Oettinger posted this 01 February 2018

Hi Reuben,

I set up a Windows box with a GigaByte MB that has Thunderbolt2 ports and connected a Pegasus R4 and Pegasus2 R6 to it.

After installing the driver and the Utiltiy I was able to see both in Disk Management.

Make sure you have installed the driver and the utility.

Driver: https://www.promise.com/DownloadFile.aspx?DownloadFileUID=4541

~ Richard


Reuben Ng posted this 03 February 2018

Dear All,


Thank you for your help during this time. Anyway i managed to solve my problem. Support keeps mentioning its a windows problem and to take it up with windows or the main board manufacturer so i'm a bit stuck but i know where they're coming from still they should at least have a few cases like these they have solved or came across before. But i'll list down how i managed to solve the prob here.

Thanks Richard

It seems the drivers that needed to be installed are not suppose to be the latest as the latest windows 10 drivers have issue so i searched out the Windows 7 and 8.1 as per my mainboards capabilities. Uninstalled the thunderbolt driver and reinstall it.

Lastly guys i want to check with you all how do u properly unmount ur drives.