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Matt Dec posted this 06 March 2017

Hey all - having a problem updating my drive array.  If I go to the utility and check for updates, it says I need to update to 5.04.0000.57.  When I confirm and flash, it reverts to the 5.04.0000.36.  I have read others have had this problem and have manually downloaded the update but I cannot find it anywhere.


Does anyone knoe where the 5.04.0000.57 update can be located?




Is there a more current update I should use from the downloads page?


I am still on Mavericks.

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Joe Engledow posted this 06 March 2017

It's also known as Service Release 2.44 and it is in the Legacy Products section of Download Center.



Joe Engledow posted this 06 March 2017

If you are still having this problem please use the PTIFLASH command in the Promise Command Line Interface.

Within your Terminal app, type promiseutil.

At the CLIIB prompt type ptiflash -f, press the space bar, and then drag the downloaded file from downloads to the terminal window and release. Then press enter. It should go through the steps for flashing the firmware then prompt you to turn the Pegasus off and back on (power-cycle). Don't forget to eject the volume from Finder before powering the Pegasus off.

Matt Dec posted this 06 March 2017

Thanks Guys - I tried the steps but I got htis error


cliib> ptiflash -f /Users/matthewdec/Desktop/R_SI_504000057.ndif
Image format is invalid.
Error (0x8055): invalid flash image



Joe Engledow posted this 06 March 2017

.NDIF is a partial download which is not complete. It should have the extension IMG when it is finished downloading.

Matt Dec posted this 06 March 2017

That must be the problem then.  Each time I download it it finishes but never changes the extension to .img