R4 drive replacement

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Julian Vyas posted this 14 September 2017

I have a Pegasus series 1 R4 8TB (4x 2TB) running w a 2017 iMac . One of the Pegasus Toshiba HDD's died last year, and I replaced it with a Seagate barracuda 2TB drive. Worked fine for about 8months. This has now failed as well. I may be able to replace with the barracuda warranty, but I am also wondering if I might upgrade all 4 drives. So 2 questions, please.

1: I know if I replace 1 bay  w a larger HDD (eg 3TB) the Pegasus unit will only recognise the larger drive as if it was a 2TB drive. will this still be the case if I replace all 4 drives with a larger capacity disk?

2: is there an SSD drive that I can swap the disk drives with. The Pegasus compatibility chart seems to suggests that "traditional " disks are the only things I can use. 

Thanks for any advice. 


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Venkatachalam Settu posted this 14 September 2017

Hi Jules,

1. There is a limitation to go with the drive upgrdation. If you replace 3 or 4 TB drive in any of the slot, the Pegasus controller will identify smaller size drive and consider all the drive size would be 2 TB hence cannot use remaining space.

You need to change the all the drive as a same size. It is best to make a new array with the new drives to get the full space otherwise if you replace one drive at a time, the space will be truncated to the same size as your current 2 TB drives.

2. As per the compatibility list, SATA Hard Drives has listed for Pegasus R4 products. You can use SSD drive at your own tisk. We have not tested SSD drives on Pegasus R4 unit and will not be able to diagnose if any performance issue occurred on those drives. The compatibility sheet has the list of current qualified and supported compatible products. If it is on this list then it has been tested and approved for use. If it is not on this list then it is not officially supported i.e. it has not been tested, it may or may not work.

Julian Vyas posted this 15 September 2017


will give it some thought re bigger HDD capacity