Promise VessRaid 1840i - "hangs" on bootup - Booting Kernel

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Rob Meesters posted this 11 December 2016



I brought the "old" VessRaid 1840i from my boss.

In the beginning everything was running fine: Made two raid 5 partitions and start to move importend files to it.

There the VessRaid is for privat use, I'm shutting it down everytime I'm not ussing it.

Now it don't start-up anymore and the managment port is on RED-Led.

When I check with the IOIOI-port I see it "hangs" on booting kernel (See attached file).

Also I see that the AX99796B - reset failed!

Mabey its because it was shut-down in a wrong way?

Can someone help me out to get the Vessraid start-up again or what to do.

Thanks in advanced - Rob.

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Hariprasad Velmurugan posted this 13 December 2016

Hi Rob,

Could you please confirm vessraid unit connected with Jbods?. If head unit alone confirm the controller led status and Please shutdown the unit disconnect all the cables connected to the controller, remove the controller and clean the slot with compressed then insert the controller reconnect the management cable alone and check whether able to acess the webpam sofware.

Thank you

Rob Meesters posted this 13 December 2016


NO use of JBODS - 2 raid5 (8x1TB & 8x1,5TB disks). Slot allready cleaned. Managment-Ethernet port has RED-Led.

Serial access (Serial cable use) - Hangs at: Booting the Kernel. After this: Fans keep running in high speed.

Same with or without disks, only Serialkabel use.

With managment cable and ping to IP for managment shows: Destination host unreachable

Any Idea??


Thanks Rob.


Hariprasad Velmurugan posted this 15 December 2016

Hi Rob,

Could you please shutdown the Head unit first. Make sure controller is completely off and disconnect the all the cables also lable and remove all the drives from the unit. Configure the Rj11  to DB9 serial cable to controller and establish the connection and check the booting sequence

Connect the Vess raed via the serial console cable & Here is the setting for the serial port:

Baud Rate: 115200
Data Bits: 8
Stop Bits: 1
Parity: None
Flow Control: None

- You will need a hiperterminal or putty software to configure

- Reboot the Vess and the serial connection will allow you to see the boot sequence of the controller.

- Please check the boot sequence & attach the screen shots for the connection results & boot sequence.

Thank you

Rob Meesters posted this 15 December 2016


Hyperterminal settingsBoot Ping


Here are the images of: Hypertrminal settings, Boot and where it "hangs", and pinging the managment IP.

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Hariprasad Velmurugan posted this 17 December 2016

Hi Rob

Could you please confirm that drives are all removed while booting the unit  ? If so  are you able to complete the booting sequence and Is it prompting user name & password.


Thank  you

Rob Meesters posted this 18 December 2016


Yes All drives are removed from system.

I don't get the prompt for Username & Pw. System hangs at the piont: Booting to kernel (See pictures I have sent/attached earlyer).

I have tryed to CTRL-C in bootup and then I get prompt: redboot\[prompt] and can give command. I'll think something is corrupt firmware/software. Problem further is that USB/Internetport is not started-up so I don't can use them to flash firmware.

Kind regards, Rob.