Compatibility of WD 12TB Gold Enterprise Class Drives with Pegasus 3 R4 - SOLVED

  • Last Post 16 November 2017
Jake Sargeant posted this 03 November 2017

Hi Promise, 

I am interested in purchasing the Pegasus3 R4 Mac edition (that I was told works on both Mac and PC - which is important for my setup that it can work on both). 

I took a good close look at the compatibility list and see you've tested drives ranging from 1-10TB in capacity successfully. 

However, I'm interested in purchasing 4 12TB Western Digital Gold Enterprise Class hard drives and knowing these work will work in the Pegasus 3 R4 (link below).

How long would the turnaround time be to get your product testing team in Taiwan (I was told on phone support that's where they are located) to test these particular drives out and confirm compatiiblity?

Is there any reason why these drives shouldn't/wouldn't work in the Pegasus3 R4?



WD Gold Enterprise Class 12TB Drives

Spec Sheet PDF Link

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Karthik K posted this 03 November 2017

Hi Jake,

As of now Promise does not have any plan of testing or qualify the 12TB disk drives. Promise won’t be able to confirm if it will encounter any issue but you can try to install the drives and check.However you may encounter issues due incompability with the unit.

 This is something we can bring it up to our Pegasus developer but there might not be an answer at this point.

You can always check back with us in couple months.




Jake Sargeant posted this 03 November 2017

Thank you Karthik for your response. 

Please do bring up this request from a long time customer to your Pegasus developer(s) and tester(s) as 12TB drives (via WD and Seagate) are on the market and people are going to want to know about the compatibility of these drives in your RAID systems.

Also curious if when drives are tested whether you post the read/write speed tests anywhere online of the drives that are compatible along with the testing setup. I want to know what the realistic read/write speeds are in RAID 5 with 4 7200RPM compatible Toshiba drives via USB-C to a newer MacBookPro.



Jake Sargeant posted this 16 November 2017

Got this sorted out short of seeing how things stand the test of time since this is all a brand new setup with drives not officially on the compatibility list. Hopefully from all this work they will get put on the compatibility list.

See this other thread for the resolve notes: