Personal Cloud - getting the right one.

  • Last Post 18 August 2017
Joe Clark posted this 17 August 2017


 I'm after a personal cloud storage system that I can access between Kenya and the UK. I'm looking at the more easy to use ones as I'm not techy (the WD my cloud). Can all personal cloud systems be accessed from anywhere in the world? 

Also, can I easily move it to a new wifi connection so that my laptop can access it from different homes? (i.e. It would be in my home when I'm in the UK and at a different UK address when I am away). I also looking for Personal Cloud video to know more about it but,did not find much.

And, how easy is it to access the data from a friend's computer or smart phone? 

Any help will be appreciated. 

Thank you.

Venkatachalam Settu posted this 18 August 2017

Hi Joe,

Promise Apollo Cloud is a small, quiet appliance that allows you to privately and securely store your data. Manage and store your files from virtually any device; from anywhere is the world. Easily access up to 4TB without the fear of monthly recurring fees.

Using your Apollo Cloud app on your device allows you to remotely store and share any type of file. You can add members, who can then each have their own storage space on your Apollo Cloud. Each member has complete privacy and security from other members. The perfect solution for the family or a small business. The simple set-up and file management is performed from just one single app.

Here is the link to download the Apollo Cloud product manual:

Thank you,