Pegasus3 R6 turned itself on??

  • Last Post 16 March 2018
Michael Carnick posted this 15 March 2018

I've had a Pegasus3 R6 for five days, and it's been working well so far.

Last night, I shut my Mac off and went to bed, which powered the R6 off as usual. When I woke up the next day, the R6 had turned itself on and was showing a red power light. Or it might have been orange, I was freaked out so I didn't pay close enough attention. The fans were spinning but no HD activity. I powered my Mac up and the R6 turned blue and all the disks mounted fine. The utility status says everything is fine, and the events panel shows no report of the unit powering up in the middle of the night.

Why would the unit turn itself on when the computer is off? I was thinking maybe a power surge, but the R6 and my Mac are both connected to a UPS. 

Is this something I should be concerned with?

Dinesh Kannusamy posted this 16 March 2018

Hi Michael, 

It looks like this issue needs to be analyzed with the help of subsystem report of the unit to find out the exact issue.You can call technical support at 408-228-1500 or reach out through support case at