pegasus2 R8 and Pegasus 3 working together help needed

  • Last Post 20 January 2017
m pilar gonzalez posted this 20 January 2017

Hi, I have a pegasus 2 with all my info on it and since it started acting up I decided to get the new pegasus 3 for mirroring it, I have them botj plugged into my mac pro (late 2013) but I can only see the Pegasus 3, not the2. also the promise utility will only find one pegasus. any advice on how to fix it plesae?? when i first plugged the P3 in the backround activities is says synchronization.... what is it synching with???  


Dinesh Kannusamy posted this 20 January 2017


The Pegasus3 unit is shipped with RAID 5 configuration, so once you connect the unit  it will start the Synchronization process which will take few hours to complete and once it is done you can start moving files to the new array. 

Please use the below the link to download the user manual and check Pg#89 to know more on Synchronization:

About the issue, you may not be able to mirror the Pegasus volumes, it will be mounted as seperate volumes and you can manually move files to the new array.  In case if you have the both the Pegasus units (Peagsus 2 and Pegasus 3 )daisy chained then please disconnect it and connect the Pegasus 2 unit to a secondary Thunderbolt port on your mac and see if it is detected/Mounted.  

Please contact Promise Tech support for any further assistance.