Pegasus2 R6 replication to second R6

  • Last Post 08 December 2016
Loris Dotto posted this 07 December 2016

Is there a way to automatically set up replication of one R6 RAID unit to a second identically configured R6 unit? Possibly as a scheduled background task?

I am trying to set up a redundant fail-over unit that would have as close to the most up-to-date data as possible without taxing the MacPro to have to write to both RAIDs at the same time.

If there is a better solution, I'd greatly appreaciate some input.

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P B posted this 08 December 2016

Hi Loris,

Check out a SW called Archiware.

I suggest you contact their support team and they should be able to illustrate a proper workflow for syncing two Pegasus2R(x) units.

With this SW, you can set up data replication/synchronization workflows to sync data from Pegasus A to Pegasus B. 

Venkatachalam Settu posted this 08 December 2016

Hi Loris,

There is no way to use our RAID engine to mirror or combine multiple devices using Promise Utility. Each device will appear independent of each other. The only way to combine them would be to use a third party software to do a mirror configuration between two devices, but we do not recommend/tested. The other option would be to use a third party backup utility to run nightly backups between the two enclosures. If you wanted to test, you can give a try at your own risk.

Thank you.