Pegasus2 R4 TB2 USB-C question

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slim Az1441 posted this 29 December 2016

Hi Guys,

  I have a Pegasus2 R4 TB2 array.  I have sold my mac pro.

Since then I have rebuilt a new PC with a mobo without Thunderbolt support.

The motherboard has a USB 3.1 port on it as well as USB 3.0 ports.

Does an adapter exist that will enable my system to see this array or am I selling this thing?



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Devendra Kumar posted this 30 December 2016

Hi Salim,

As of now we support straight thunderbolt only( no adapters). Moreover  that adapter is probably meant for USB devices to utilize TB not the other way around. We have not tested with Pegasus2 Series.

Please find the below link refers to the adapter



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allin chung posted this 23 February 2017

Hi Devendra,
Thanks for this reply.  I'd like to ask a follow up question as I'm in a similar situation.  My computer now is a Dell XPS 15 with Thunderbolt 3.  I try to connect my Pegasus2 R4 to it via an Apple TB3 to TB2 adapter.  The Pegasus will not mount or stay on.  I thought it was the adapter and was about to buy a different non-apple one.   But now that I've seen your post, is it the Pegasus?  Will you support adapters in the future or do I need to stop using my Pegasus?  thanks.

allin chung posted this 03 March 2017

huh, no response.  boo Promise.  Thunderbolt is problematic. 

Raghuraman Kannan posted this 04 March 2017

Hi Allin,

Apologies for the delayed response.

The adapters are designed to use the Thunerbolt 3 devices in Thunderbolt 2 ports but it should work the other way round as well.

In order to isolate the issue , can you try connecting your Pegasus 2 R4 with any MAC computer with thunderbolt 2 port (If possible) ? . If that works then we can confirm that the Pegasus is good. 

If it is not possible , please open a case at with the MAC system report to troubleshoot the issue.

You can also conatact us at 408-228-1500 for immediate response.

Thanks !