Pegasus R6 Dead drive

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Kevin Stoops posted this 30 April 2017

I have a Pegasus R6 with 6 2-TD Drives in a Raid 10 setup. 10TB with a hot drive. This is connected to a MAC of the same vintage. Drives are from Aug-2011

Drive 3 failed: Hitachi  HDS723020BLA642, 2TB drive.

Am I requited to replace this with the exact same drive or can I upgrade the drive from the Approved list on the PDF?  Can I keep the other drives in the array 2TB and upgrade the one to 4TB with the intention of swapping in 4TB's in the future for the rest of the array? 

I am not interested in pruchasing a new array at this time but would like to repair the one I have. I use this as an active backup, i.e. trust in the array as the backup for itself. 

List of approved drives I would like to insert into the array

Hitachi - 

Deskstar 7K3000 HDS723020BLA642 2TB MN0NB5C0 6Gbs 64MB 3.5" NCQ SATA


Barracuda ST4000DM000 4TB CC51 6Gbs 64MB 3.5" NCQ SATA

Barracuda ST4000DM000 4TB CC52 6Gbs 64MB 3.5" NCQ SATA


MD04ACAxxx MD04ACA400 4TB FP2A 6Gbs 128MB 3.5" NCQ SATA




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Pradeep Chidambaranath posted this 30 April 2017

Hi Kevin,

If the RAID is created with 2TB drives, then when you replace a failed drive with a 4TB drive, it will be still read as a 2TB drive. The remaining 2TB will be unused. Kindly, make sure to upgrade the failed drive with a 2TB drive from our compatibility list.


Pradeep C

Kevin Stoops posted this 01 May 2017


I ordered 2 of the 2-TB drives - Deskstar 7K3000 HDS723020BLA642 - off of Amazon with one for a backup. All drives are Aug-2011 so it will likely not be long before they all go.

Pradeep Chidambaranath posted this 01 May 2017

Hi Kevin,

Thank you for the update. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 1-408-228-1500 and we will be more than happy to help you.



Pradeep C

samuel lago posted this 05 May 2017

Dear Friends, 


in this case, using a 4TB drive, should I format the drive in a special way?

or should I just introduce a pretty new drive and rebuild?





Raghuraman Kannan posted this 06 May 2017

Hi Samuel,

The new drive should be in "Unconfigured" State for the rebuild to start. 

Please follow the below steps to start the rebuild.

- Make sure you hot-plug the new drive

- Click on "Physical Drive" list in the Utility and make sure the replacement drive is showing up in the list 

- The status of that drive should be "Unconfigured" 

- If the status is "Passthru", then unlock the Utility and click on settings for that drive and change it to "Unconfigured"

- Confirm the settings .

- Then click on "Background Activities"

- Click on the Start button next to the Rebuild.

- Select the Source drive and the Target drive and Start the process.

- It will take sometime to complete the process and you can see the progress in the bottom.

Thanks !

samuel lago posted this 10 July 2018

Hi friends,


I putted the new hd ( 4 TB ) on the bay, 

when i came to settings, they dont alow me to put in Unconfigured or passthru.

I formated it on jornalling extended, sould be this?