Pegasus R4 Completely New Drives Will It Destroy Existing RAID Config with Previous Drives?

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Aldy Waani posted this 27 April 2017


my Pegasus R4 have 4 drives. If i remove all existing and load my drives from WD Thunderbolt Duo RAID 0, will it destroy the previous RAID config if i put back the original drives to the R4? Both my R4 and WD TB Duo are on RAID 0. 


Or say if i want to use completely 4 new drives will it destroy the existing RAID config using the old drives?


Thank you

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Venkatachalam Settu posted this 27 April 2017

Hi Aldy,

You need to unmount the Pegasus R4 volume, shutdown the unit, mark all the existing drives, remove it from the unit. It will work if you insert all the drives back to the unit without changing the drive order in the Pegasus unit. But we are not sure about inserting the WD Thunderbolt Duo RAID 0 configuration drives into Pegasus unit.It may work or may not. Since we have not tested.

The RAID setup will not be destroyed if you remove the drives safely after shutdown the unit.The RAID setup is configured on drives, not in the unit.You can remove the existing drives and insert the new drives into the unit then configure new RAID setup.

Thank you.

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  • Aldy Waani
Aldy Waani posted this 27 April 2017

Thank you! That's what i like to hear.

My WD Thunderbolt Duo drives are 100% healty I've managed to browsed it's data using RAID recovery software, BUT only runs on PC.  The WD RAID config are also on the Drives, this RAID recovery software managed to read the RAID config on the drive and temporarily use it and save it as XML file on order to recover.

So i'm trying to manually copy the files on my Mac using Pegasus unit. 

Thanks again for your advices!

Aldy Waani posted this 27 April 2017


I just succesfully load my WD Thunderbolt Duo RAID 0 Drives to the R4 Unit and maintain it's RAID 0. (Two Drives)


All file accessible, and It shows on Finder as exact same WD Thunderbolt Duo disk name, but using Promise drive icon

So now i can safely backup all files on Mac with more speed.


note: I do not touch / open Promise Utility. as i'm afraid it will destroy my Duo RAID 0. 

So just simply go to Finder, it will mounted succefully.


Thanks again!

Venkatachalam Settu posted this 27 April 2017

I am glad to hear from you. You are welcome.!