Pegasus R2 4 drive

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Ben Greenfield posted this 22 February 2018

I have friend with a pegasus r2 with 4 drives. Something happend and the UPS and the Pegasus both wont stay on.

the pegaus plugged directly into an oultet

will not power /stay power on more then an instan is the description given to me.

The device is 2 years out of warranty and I wonder if they can jsut pop the drives into any 4 bay hardware raid? 

They were mirrord drives.





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R P posted this 22 February 2018

Hi Ben,

It sounds like there was a power event, probably a voltage spike. It's a good idea to keep electronics on a surge protector at the very least. It's cheaper to replace a surge suppressor after a power spike. Be aware that power spikes can sometimes damage hard drives, although this is uncommon.

You will not be able to plug the drives into an enclosure by another manufacturer and read the data, but you should have success using another Promise enclosure.

Firstly, if you can find another Pegasus R4, that would be ideal. But I'm pretty sure that the drives can be read by a Pegasus 2 or Pegasus 3 (providing it's not one of the 2.5" drive models).



Ben Greenfield posted this 23 February 2018

Hello Richard,

Thanks for the response. Incidentally it was on a cyberpower. UPS which is also now dead.