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  • Last Post 27 February 2017
1qaz 2wsx posted this 05 December 2016


I just purchased an Pegasus R8. I am unfalmiliar with the inherent software that it comes with. Does it accomodate for backup sync, or will i have to rely on an application like Chronosyn?


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Venkatachalam Settu posted this 05 December 2016


The Pegasus2 is a DAS(direct attached storage). It just presents the raw disk space to host machine. Please note that RAID should never be considered as a backup solution, RAID is for redundancy so even in case of a drive failure the data can be accessed/backed up & rebuilt depending on the RAID level. Video & Image editing software require high bandwidth speed for editing tasks which a single drive cannot offer, so multiple drives are striped in RAID to achieve higher speed. When one drive fails and the RAID running in critical condition there is a very likely chance that another drive fails because of the drive overhead and its recommended to have regular backups and spare ready to be replaced in case of drive failure. We have not tested the unit with any backup application.

Thank you.

Mark Neuman posted this 27 February 2017

As I checked promise website, there are 2 version pegasus 3: simply edition (for mac os) and Pc edition (for windows).Can I just swap these between mac and PC? I mean can I connect simply edition to PC (by using pegasus driver for windows and format the drive to windows format) or can I connect PC edition to the mac (by formatting the drive to the ASX).Because what I'm thinking is that the connectivity depends on the driver and file format, so physically the PC and simply edition is just the same, am I right? The drivers for Pegasus3 Simply edition for MACOS is different from Pegasus3 PC edition is different.You cannot use Pegasus3 MAC in edition to Windows machine and vise verse.

Pradeep Chidambaranath posted this 27 February 2017

Hi Mark,

The hardware on the P3 PC Edition and the P3 Symply Edition are the same. They are identical and you can use the Pegasus on either Mac or Windows. You'll just need to reformat for the respective OS.  Also, please make sure to backup the data from the unit.


Pradeep C