Pegasus 2 R8 - Changing from Mac to PC

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Damian Dunne posted this 09 April 2017

hi there, 

we've recently bought the Pegasus 2 R8 for our edit workstation - which has been amazing. Such a good piece of storage equipment. Though with the decline of everything Apple in the pro world we've switched out the Mac and put in a custom built PC with Windows 10 (64bit). 

So my question is... Can I now just plug the R8 into the PC (via a PCie thunderbolt card)? Or do I need to reformat? 

Any help would be awesome! 

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Karthik K posted this 09 April 2017

Hi Damian,

Thank you for chossing Promise for your storage needs.

It's recommended to take the backup of data reformat it and use the Pegasus on windows.Also find the compatiblility list for Pegasus2 R8 in the link




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Sashi Rajamahendran posted this 09 April 2017

Hi Damian, you probable need to reformat it as it will be in a HFS for mac not ntfs. You are unlikely to read that in Windows without a special driver installed.

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Sashi Rajamahendran posted this 10 April 2017

Paragon make HFS for windows and NTFS for mac drivers. If you are using both systems you probably need to get the HFS for windows. While I havent tried it with a pegasus, i had no problems with the NTFS driver by them for mac copying large amounts of data between a thunderbolt and USB 3 drive.

There is another program called macdrive. Both have trials so give them a try.

In my case I switched completly to windows, so I reformatted the pegasus to NTFS and then copied back the data.

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Sashi Rajamahendran posted this 20 April 2017

I'm only recently in to this too but from asking around, these pc folk are new to thunderbolt! It get further complicated with this USB c thunderbolt switch that happened.

if you do find some device out there please update me!

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Frank Weber posted this 28 April 2017

I have an NFS partition on the Promise2 unit that I used for Bootcamp. problem is that the unit shuts down after a few seconds and is not recognized connected through the ThunderboltEX 3 PCIE-card : /
in this thread it has been mentioned that the ASUS ThunderboltEX 3 is not compatible with the Pegasus2 unit.

is anyone from Promise actually listening here and is there is a chance to solve the compatibility issue?
as mentioned there are a lot of mac2win switcher that seek for a solution and it would be nice to hold on to my Pegasus2!

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Damian Dunne posted this 10 April 2017

thanks everyone. a really big help there! 

Damian Dunne posted this 20 April 2017

hi guys, 

I'm having a fair amount of trouble connecting to this RAID though my PC. Unfortunely my ASUS  Z10PE-D8 WS motheroboard does not support a thunderbolt PCie card... I'm wondering what are my options to connect to my Pegusus 2 R8 without compromising on speed and trasnfer rates? 

Please help!!!!

Sashi Rajamahendran posted this 20 April 2017

Do,you have an option of upgrading your motherboard to a supported one? Not what you want to hear, but possibly your cheapest option. Please make sure your version of Windows is the retail oen, not oem which gets tied to your motherboard.

Damian Dunne posted this 20 April 2017

Thanks Sashi for the reposnse. I've thought about the motherboard upgrade but want to xpolre other option before having to shell out another $1K... 

Sashi Rajamahendran posted this 20 April 2017

For what it's worth take a look around if it's the last resort. You can find motherboards for a 1/5th of what you quoted.

anyway for the moment I'm not aware of any hardware to do what you want, I too have had these ups and downs from a recent switch to windows! 

In the interim, you might be able to create a shared folder on one of the macs for the pc, though obviously speed will take a huge hit

Damian Dunne posted this 20 April 2017

yeah cool. This Windows stuff is complicated! 

Yeah the big price on the motherboard is for the dual socket as I'm running a 2 Xeons.... All the server stuff doesnt support thunderbolt.

How does everyone else get massive bandwidth on a PC?? 

Frank Weber posted this 27 April 2017

well just another Mac2Win switcher who says "hi" and can't let go of my Promise Peagsus2 hardware!
like Sashi I am using HFS+ for Windows that can handle Mac-files in Windows and I got an ASUS PCIE ThunderboltEX 3 card on the new PC.
in theory all what it needs ... right? ... except that the Pegasus2 is not compatible : /

I know this is a "double-post" but I am really desperate to use my Pegasus2 unit without reformating!
any solutions to make the unit "compatible"?

Sashi Rajamahendran posted this 27 April 2017

Hi, myself I'm not using hfs+ for windows, but did change the drive format for windows and copied back my files from a backup. I know you don't want to reformat, but maybe a compromise is that there is a paragon soloution that claims to convert the format preserving drive data. i guess a lot depends on how much data you have to move around and a on a raid the conversion might still take a long time


ps I'm noticing a lot of macwin converts

Karthik K posted this 28 April 2017

Hi Frank,

Not all devices have been qualified or tested by Promise.We cannot guarantee compatibility of all the devices. However, you can try the previous version of Pegasus2 driver from the link

If this is not working then we have not tested or qualified the card.