Osx server and Pegasus R6

  • Last Post 13 February 2017
sam rasnetwork posted this 12 February 2017


i use osx server Sierre with raid Pegasus R6 on my Mac mini.

All think is ok.

But our mailbox use too much space, so I think to move all storage of osx server on my raid. Data is already on Raid but now i would like move /Library/server folder.

is there any issue possible? Does anybody work like this?

thanks for your advise.

Hariprasad Velmurugan posted this 13 February 2017

Hi Sam,

It seems that you want to move  all the files in the MAC osx drive to Pegasus unit and Its normal that pegasus unit used as time machine backup. However In the Raid configuration there is a chance for data loss Though raid as redundancy still multiple drive failure could happen due to various reasons.  Power outage,  Drive failure  and File system corruption in the MAC osx also drive failiure is common in the unit since all the drives used as combind single drives and the drives used in pegasus are desktop level drives not enterprise level drives and Aways advisable to backup the data to avoid data loss.

Thank you