Need help in identifying performance bottleneck with VESS R2600

  • Last Post 16 March 2017
HF CHOU posted this 15 March 2017

Greetings, I have a pair of R2610xis with dual 10Gb controllers, using iSCSI and 7.2K SAS drives,  Each VESS is paired with a DataCore SANSympony frontend to provide storage RT mirroring between two sites.  Currently, the 10Gb ports on each controller are trunked together to form two portals, both in the same subnet.  The VESS and frontend server are connected via a single iscsi initiator/LUN through a 10Gb switch fabric.  The idea is to maximize performance and redundancy via multipath between the VESS portals and the frontend server, which also has multiple 10Gb connections.  Currently, this setup seems to have trouble maintaining relatively low load (200MB/S, 2-3K IOPS) and gets into high latency issues.  I noticed traffic is only flowing through one of the two portals, so I'm looking for guidance on how to isolate this performance bottleneck, properly setup multipath between the VESS and the frontend server, and how to make the most out of this setup?


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Devendra Kumar posted this 15 March 2017

Hi Chou,

It looks like this issue needs to be analyzed with the help of subsystem report of the unit to find out the exact issue. Please register the product through support case at and create case in order to attach the subsystem report and alos provided us with your network setup (Switches, SFP, )


HF CHOU posted this 16 March 2017

Hi Devendra,

The unit is already registered and a support case has been created with requested info.

Thank you.

Devendra Kumar posted this 16 March 2017

Hi Chou,


I have taken case will update you as soon as possible.

Thank you