moving a Pegasus2 R4 from Open Directory to Active Directory environment

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Justin Brown posted this 30 November 2017

Greetings, I am hoping you can help me with a situation. I want to move a Pegasus2 R4 device that's currently in a Mac Open Directory environment to Windows Active Directory and am not sure if I can or how.

  1. My first thought: attach it to a Mac that authenticates into the Active Directory Domain and share it
  2. My second thought: attach it to a new NAS that has a thunderbolt port in addition to an ethernet port (QNAP?)

While it should just be other Macs in our domain that access the R4, I am concerned that with option 1, PCs would have no access. Therefore it seems like option 2 would be better in that it should allow both Mac and PC access but I don't know if switching the R4 from a Mac to a Windows environment would erase the current data on it.   Any help would be greatly appreciated.   thank you! Justin

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Devendra Kumar posted this 01 December 2017

Hi Justin,

1. Pegasus is a direct attach storage hence the Permission on the volume will apply only when you have shared the drive via Mac file system. Which means Pegasus can be change to different host (Mac) and it will shows the same data. From the new Mac you have share the Pegasus volume via Mac file system and later you can change the OS level permission.

2. If you change the Pegasus to Windows it will not appear the volume since it has been configured using Mac file System (HFS+). In order to use the Pegasus unit with Windows host, you will have take complete backup of the data then delete & recreate an array using Windows file system (NTFS Volume). Restore the data back to newly create array.


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  • Justin Brown
Justin Brown posted this 01 December 2017

Thanks Devendra,

This is very helpful! I have some follow-up questions for each of the scenarios if you don't mind:

1. the current host is a Mac Mini Server. I am wondering if it can somehow remain the host but still be part of our Windows domain (maybe by setting up a Magic Triangle?) or if it would be better to re-host it to a different workstation Mac that authenticates into our domain. Do you know if the Mac OS level permissions would allow the Pegasus to be shared with PCs as well? Via SMB or AFP?

2. if we change the Pegasus to Windows and recreate the array, we would then modify folder/file permissions via Windows to allow access to both Macs and PCs on the domain, correct?

I appreciate your help!