Maximum Partition Size M500P

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John Trimmer posted this 01 February 2017

Getting a I/O error when trying to initilize any partition larger than 12TB. Any ideas why ? 

R P posted this 01 February 2017

Hi John,

Without more information it's difficult to debug, but given that you are talking about LUNs larger than 12TB, I'm going to guess that you are using modern SATA drives in the M500. When the M500 was introduced in 2005-2006 the largest hard drives available were in the 120-320GB range, and these were the drives that the M500 was originally tested with. As larger drives were released the compatibility list was updated, drives up to 1TB in size were tested in 2009.

Drives larger  than 1TB have not been tested with the M500, if you are using larger drives they might be compatible with the M500, or they might not be. There is no way to tell. Drives larger than 1TB are not supported, use at your own risk.

The 12TB number is odd in that it's not a SATAII limit, the last drive size limit was the 2TB limit, and before that 120GB. So this is not a SATA limitation, nor is this any OS limitation I know of. Since the M500 can handle (15) 1TB drives as RAID0, 12TB is not an address limitation of the M500 proper. My guess is that this is a compatibility issue with drives larger than 1TB.



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