Large Drive Support

  • Last Post 16 August 2016
David Spiers posted this 25 July 2016

Hi, is there any timeline for high capacity drive compatibility? I'm running a Pegasus 2 R6 populated with 3TB drives and badly need more storage. Moving to 4TB drives isn't gonna give me much breathing space so I'm wondering if you have an aprox date for 5 or 6TB support?



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David Spiers posted this 16 August 2016

thanks for clarifying things

Joe Engledow posted this 16 August 2016

That's not what that column says. That column says that the MD04ACA600 is shipped with the R8 only.

The MD04ACA600 will work with all the Pegasus2 R series. (R4, R6, R8)

Since it is not listed in the R2+ compatibility list, we officially have no position on its compatibility in the R2+. It may work but you would assume the risk if it did not.

David Spiers posted this 16 August 2016

Thanks John, but the only thing I see in the R4/R6/R8/M4 compatibility chart is that the Toshiba 6TB drive is supported in the R8. However, as Babatunde previously indicated (and you reinforced), the same drives should work in my R6 too - hence my question that the R4 is also supported before I go spend some cash.

Looking at the R2+ compatibiity list, it only mentions the 3TB Toshiba as being compatible, so I'll assume the 6TBs aren't and look elsewhere for a solution.


Joe Engledow posted this 16 August 2016

This information is already publicly available.

Please consult the hardware compatibility lists for the Pegasus2 R4 and the Pegasus2 R2+, in the Download Center of our website.

David Spiers posted this 16 August 2016

It seems that rather than replace my two 3TB Video drives (configured as Raid1) on my P2 R6, it'd probably be easier to just buy another unit. However, I don't want to go for another R6 so my question is "Would the Toshiba 6TB MD04ACA600 drives work in a P2 R4 unit?.......or better still, the forthcoming R2+?"



Joe Engledow posted this 02 August 2016

Please make sure that you have updated to firmware 5.04.0000.57, as that document specifies, and also that you have restarted the Pegasus, so that it starts on the new firmware, before inserting the 6TB drive from the list.

David Spiers posted this 02 August 2016

Thank you.

Babatunde Akinkuolie posted this 02 August 2016

Dear David Spiers,


  Kindly find the compatibility list for Pegasus2 R6 for your perusal . We have only tested and certified 6TB Toshiba Drives. You can purchase the same model.



David Spiers posted this 01 August 2016

As there's no reply forthcoming from Promise, are there any users here who've had success with any drives 6TB or higher on an R6?


I notice that Jigsaw24 in the UK are selling R8's with 6TB drives so I'm hoping the R6 can accomodate the same