Large drive support on Pegasus1 R4

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Joseph Lejeune posted this 03 January 2017


I've learned from the Pegasus2 forum that 6TB Toshiba drives were supported on Pegasus2 units.

Since latest versions of both Promise utility and Pegasus firmware apply equally to Pegasus1 and Pegasus2 units, are there any chance that the above-mentioned 6TB Toshiba drives MD044ACA600 will also work in a Pegasus1 unit ?

We own 2 Pegasus1 P4, running since 3 years now without a hitch, loaded each with 4 Hitachi HDS72404 4TB drives (RAID5 logical drive of 12TB).

Many thanks in advance.

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Devendra Kumar posted this 03 January 2017

 Hi Joseph,

As of now we have tested maximum drive capacity for Pegasus R4 series is 3TB . Make sure that use hardware that has been tested in your environment to work properly or use Promise tested hardware. For more information please find the below comapatibility list.



Joseph Lejeune posted this 03 January 2017

Hi Dev,

Thanks for replying to my message.

I already know this compatibility list.

The drives we are operating in our two Pegasus1 R4 are not mentioned in this compatibility list and they were running fine since more than 3 years without any one single read/write error ! (those two Pegasus1 units are used as external storage devices for our main Mac OSX server, providing filesharing services 7d/week, 24h/day to more than 80 users).

But You didn't precisely answer my question : if Pegasus1 and Pegasus2 are sharing the same firmware version, one would expect that the hardware used in Pegasus1 and Pegasus2 behaves the same way while populating the bays with the same drive type. 

Maybe am I missing an issue here ...





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Venkatachalam Settu posted this 04 January 2017

Hi Joseph,

As per the compatibility list, Pegasus R4 can support upto 3 TB drives. It doesn't mean that larger capacity drive cannot be used, if it is not in the compatibility list. We can see that there are many customers using large capacity drives in the R4 unit. But we will not be able to diagnose if any issue occurred on those drives.Since it has not been tested by us. It should be at your own risk.

The compatibility sheet has the list of current qualified and supported compatible products. If it is on this list then it has been tested and approved for use. If it is not on this list then it is not officially supported i.e. it has not been tested, it may or may not work.

Thank you.