Known Time Machine bug when running macOS X 10.13.4 (High Sierra)

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Carl Hostetter posted this 21 April 2018

I just set up my new Apollo Cloud 2 Duo, but was unable to get it to work as a Time Machine volume (I get a Time Machine error with "OSStatus 17" after each attempt to connect). A chat with Promise tech support informs me that this is a known issue with macOS X 10.13.4 (High Sierra), and they are working on a fix (no ETA yet, though). I'm willing to wait a week or two for a fix, but I wanted to make anyone needing to use the Apollo Cloud 2 Duo as a Time Machine volume right away aware of this.

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Wendy Wei posted this 26 April 2018

Hi Carl,

Apollo Cloud 2 Duo should work with Time Machine with MacOS X 10.13.4.  Since we don't have your record on our eSupport system, in order to follow up your case and provide you update, please kindly open a ticket at :  Thank you.


Judith Dalton posted this 03 May 2018

It seems to be working fine now. My first-time backup to Apollo (Time Machine) has been running about three hours. Sadly, it's only uploaded 80 GB out of 470 GB. This is going to be like watching paint dry! :)

Carl Hostetter posted this 06 May 2018

Just to let folks know: Promise support now tells me that there is no "known bug", and that the Apollo Cloud 2 Duo should be working with OS X 10.13.4. So if it isn't working for you either, don't expect a firmware fix. Me, I'm moving on, I can't be without Time Machine any longer.

Carl Hostetter posted this 10 May 2018

I found a work-around for this. It's a bit complicated, but it works reliably. (It might still not get you all the way to using an Apollo Cloud 2 Duo as a Time Machine volume — see my next issue and work-around — but it does solve this particular issue.)

Work-around: In the connect dialog, after entering your username and password, but _before_ hitting the “Connect” button, go to the Finder and eject your ApolloXXXX from the list of Shared Devices. Then immediately return to the connect dialog and hit “Connect”. Time Machine will then correctly connect with the ApolloXXXX_TimeMachine volume.


Jacob Mason posted this 5 weeks ago

Does not work.