How to set the apollo Cloud2 DUO to block internet access ?

  • Last Post 21 March 2018
test test posted this 10 March 2018

I buy a apollo Cloud 2 DUO for a storage for  small office.   We want to set up the box as a Private NAS, we do not want to let user to access it from internet.  If the apollo Cloud 2 DUO can set to do it ?  

And if the apollo cloud 2 DUO just put in a  intranet LAN ( No Internet route ),   Can it work for the LAN access ?

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Richard Oettinger posted this 21 March 2018

Are you aware that the products name is Apollo Cloud 2 DU? "Cloud" means internet. It is not the Apollo NAS DUO.

If you need a NAS unit you should get one that is actually designed to be a NAS...

test test posted this 11 March 2018

 Thanks for your answer.   I realy hope that  Apollo Cloud can support this option in new version.  Apollo Cloud 2 DUO is a good product for private LAN NAS, if it can support a setting opiton, open internet access or block internet access.



Venkatachalam Settu posted this 10 March 2018


Apollo Cloud 2 Duo unit should be connected to the internet in order to work. You cannot work with the unit without internet connections.