How to replace swap out 3TB drives for 4TB drives when a RAID 1 drive has failed

  • Last Post 23 August 2017
Chris Morgan posted this 23 August 2017

I have a Pegasus R4 with 2 pairs of 3TB drives each in a RAID 1 mirror configuration. I thus have two separate volumes each of 3TB mounted on my desktop:

3TB Volume 1
- DISK 1 (3TB) & DISK 2 (3TB) in a RAID 1 configuration

3TB Volume 2
- DISK 3 (3TB) & DISK 4 (3TB) in a RAID 1 configuration

DISK2 has failed. The volume is still in tact and mounted, although I've since physically removed the dead drive from the slot. I want to take this opportunity to increase the volume size by replacing DISK1 & DISK 2 both with 4TB drives. However, I want to preserve the data in the process. Is that possible? This is what I'm hoping I can do:

1) Convert the current RAID 1 configured Volume 1 into a standalone drive (in other words, no RAID)
2) Insert a new 4TB drive into the defective drive slot
3) Create a new 4TB volume from the new 4TB drive
4) Mount the new 4TB drive and copy the contents from the existing 3TB volume to this new 4TB volume
5) Replace DISK1 with a new 4TB drive
6) Mirror DISK1 to DISK2 to create a new RAID1 volume and allow the rebuild/sync to complete

Is this even possible? Am I going about this the right way? What happens when I install the new 4TB DISK2? I don't want it to automatically re-build as a replacement for the failed 3TB DISK2. Wat's the correct way to do what I'm trying to do?


Hariprasad Velmurugan posted this 23 August 2017

Hi Chris,

Yes we can replace the drives by rebuilding the Raid 1  but lager capacity 4TB drive will detects as 3TB drive and remaining capacity will be un used also over all configured capacity will be the same. So its better to back all the data and remove the existing drive, insert the new 4TB drive and follow the below steps to recreate new raid 1 array then restore the data.

ALso Its nto possible to mirror the standalone drive in the new Raid 1 array, only you can create raid 1 with two new empty drives in the pegasus unit